Hippie Magic


So there was a whole lot of Hippie Magic going on in my house tonight…..“What exactly IS Hippie Magic?” you might ask.  That’s what all of my homemade DIY personal care products have come to be known by in my house.  Hippie Magic is my new favorite passion.  I’ve been dabbling in it for a few years.  And with each foray, I’ve been more and more pleased with the results.  The perks to Hippie Magic are two-fold:  1) Generally speaking, I can make extremely effective homemade items at a fraction of the cost compared to the various drug store and designer products I have used in the past; and, 2) I know exactly what ingredients are in my homemade Hippie Magic.  Tonight, my daughters and I made a face wash, deodorant and a luxurious skin lotion. Of course, much of this is trial and error, so I don’t have results yet on those items, but we had fun in the process of creating our products.  And as much as the older girls complained about “helping” or “using” the items, I know they feel a sense of pride in using something they made themselves.  Plus, I knew this had to be the title and topic of my next blog when my four year old came in and said, “Ooh….that looks like Hippie Magic!”  

As I mentioned, I have dabbled in Hippie Magic on and off for years.  So what really sold me and convinced me to get on the band wagon of things au natural?  The worst sunburn of my life.  And for a pasty white chick who grew up in the south, that’s saying a LOT.  I religiously slather on copious amounts of SPF 50+ in an effort to keep my skin blindingly white.  However, a visit this summer to a water park in Texas proved too much for this Alaskan Chick.  I knew it was bad very early, despite multiple applications of sunscreen.  I first sought shelter, then decided to leave the park altogether.  Wise choice.  What was I going to do?  Right away my dad said “vinegar or pickle juice”.  Now, my dad is an extremely intelligent man but has been known to pull some legs.  So I ignored him altogether and went to my favorite resource.  The Internet.  Of course there were gazillions of “sure-fire” sunburn treatments.  But it all came back to what my dad said……a recurrent theme was using Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (also known as Raw ACV) along with coconut oil, which has been my go to everything elixir for about five years.  I was sold.  My mother became my nursemaid for the next few days, ensuring to treat my back thoroughly.  We would dab the Raw ACV all over the burn.  The heat from the burn would evaporate the liquid quickly, so we did this for a few minutes to ensure we coated every inch.  Once this dried thoroughly, we would then apply a thick coat of coconut oil, which has been my primary go to moisturizer for years anyway.  We did this every night for three nights.  Between applications, we would also use aloe very gel.  NOT the green crap you get at the grocery or drug store…..I got mine from a health food store.  This helped relieve the heat throughout the day between ACV applications.  The results were unbelievable.  I did peel, but barely, all things considered.  I mean the burn was so bad, I probably should have gone to the ER.  I just KNEW it was going to blister and I’ve never had a blistering sunburn before.  But it was all avoided.  By this old school remedy that was easily treated with products many of us already have in our pantry anyway.  Talk about going back to the basics……I realized this was what Brilliant on the Basics was all about.  What else could be simplified in healthier, chemical-free ways?  These results just don’t lie.  And thus, Hippie Magic was born.